House rules, terms and conditions


Dear guests, we kindly ask you to follow our house rules for a care-free and stress-free holiday.
Please respect the rules and take care of the apartment with our planet in mind (turning off water when not necessary, turning off lights, using towels more than once, using/drinking water from the tap and not buying it in plastic bottles, etc).


 Smoking is prohibited in all the apartments.
 Pets are not allowed.
 Possible use of washing machine and tumle dryer
 Apartments are designed for rest and relaxation, so after 22:00 it is necessary to maintain order and peace and be considerate of other guests and neighbors. If your neighbors do not comply with the given rules, please feel free to contact us 00386 303 91 133 or 00386 318 45 342.. In case of
serious violations or after 22.00 hours, please call the police 113.
 Please close the front door and keep your keys with you at all times since the door closes/locks on its own.
 Before your arrival, the apartment was completely cleaned, so please use the slippers for better comfort and cleanliness of the floor.
 Parking spaces are located by the property,
Parking is at your own risk. Each apartment has only one parking space available.
 Free Wi-Fi is available in the apartments.

Check-In Check-Out

Arrivals are scheduled after 15.00. Before arrival you need to call at least one hour prior to arrival. no. +386 303 91 133 or + 386 318 45 342, so that the staff is waiting for you. Late arrivals need to be announced at least one day before. Earlier arrival is possible only if the apartment is free in the morning.

Check-out time:
Check-out is at 10:00. A later departure is possible by prior arrangement, but only if the apartment is free.

You can leave the keys in the mailbox if you leave early in the morning.

On departure:
– Make sure that the dishes are cleaned and stored properly.
– Please throw all the waste and rubbish in the available bin.
– When leaving, leave the keys in the mailbox.
– In case of causing damage from negligence you will be charged.

Thank you for following these simple rules.

Communication: SLOVENE & ENGLISH
Payment options: CASH & CREDIT CARD